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Legal vs. Home Testing – Texas DNA: Paternity Testing

Legal vs. Home Testing

It is very important to understand the differences in legal standing and reporting for accredited labs versus self-collection. When making your decision please carefully consider the intended use of the paternity testing results.

For more information or additional guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Customers - Please Note
Not all Home Paternity Tests Are Created Equal

At Texas DNA, we perform our paternity testing in the same manner for all test, whether you ordered our legally admissible test or a home test. Some other labs may not provide the same quality testing for home tests that they do for their other tests. Make sure you are aware of what you are ordering before you buy!

Our tests are 100 times more discriminating than the industry standard. Typical positive results exceed 99.99%. We will complete up to 19 markers to assure you reliable results.

Process Description (Comparisons)

Legally Admissible Collection

Specimen collection performed by PeopleScreen authorized professionals. Must include verifiable proof of identity of all parties. Collections are available in medical facilities nationwide and in-home in many locations.

Appointments available 7 days a week. 5 day standard turn-around time.


Performed at home by individuals being tested using a home DNA collection kit with cheek or buccal swabs and easy-to-follow directions. Tested individuals rub swabs on the inside of their cheek, place them in labeled envelopes, and return the samples in the package provided. Those swabs contain the DNA necessary for testing.

5 day standard turn-around time.

Legal Standing

Legally Admissible Collection

Useful for all legal purposes including child custody and support, social security, insurance, military, adoption, inheritance, tribal and immigration rights and benefits.


Even though our labs are certified & AABB accredited, the results of a home test are not useful for legal purposes because it is not possible to independently verify who has been tested.

A very good test, but not useful beyond ‘piece of mind’.


Legally Admissible Collection

Lab report is a notarized legal document issued according to AABB Parentage Testing Committee accreditation standards and includes full disclosure of test results.


Report is clearly marked identification not verified. Includes full disclosure of test results.

Appointments Available 7 Days A Week In Most Areas!

Texas DNA may also be able to send a nurse directly to your home or to your attorney's office for collection if you prefer.