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Texas DNA: Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Test Leaders – Dallas, Fort Worth & Lubbock, Texas

Texas DNA is a paternity testing leader in Texas, serving the Metroplex Area, Fort Worth & Lubbock. We are a fully accredited facility providing legal DNA testing. At Texas DNA, we provide convenient, reliable, low cost paternity tests.

DNA Test Surpassing Industry Standards

Our DNA tests are 100 times more discriminating than the industry standard. Typical positive results exceed 99.99%.  We will test up to 20 markers to assure you reliable results.  Many other labs run fewer than 10 markers, greatly increasing the chance for inaccurate results.

At Texas DNA, our sample collections are done by one of our trained staff members, ensuring you receive an accurate test.

Legally Admissible DNA Testing

At Texas DNA, we have trained and authorized professionals who can perform specimen collections for DNA screening tests needed for use in court. These test results from Texas DNA are legally admissible, so that every test you order can be used for child support, court proceedings, immigration, and Social Security benefits.

At Home Self-Collection Tests for "Peace of Mind"

We also give you the option to order a home DNA collection kit with cheek or buccal swabs and easy-to-follow directions. This test may be performed in the comfort of your own home, and then you simply return the swabs in the labeled envelopes.

Please note that even though home tests are certified and AABB accredited, results from these tests may not be used for legal purposes.

Not all DNA paternity tests are created equal

Please be careful - there are labs out there who are offering 'certified & accredited' results, but ARE NOT necessarily providing you with a legally admissible result.

DNA Lab testing

When ordering a paternity DNA test, be sure to ask if your test results will be legally admissible. (The price is different for different types of tests, so a low cost test may indicate results that cannot be used in court).

Even if you order a paternity testing through an AABB certified lab or reseller you may not be able to use the results for child support, court proceedings, immigration, Social Security benefits etc.

Please understand what you need before you spend your money on the wrong DNA testing service.

The Texas DNA Difference


Our labs hold AABB certification for parentage testing and ASCLD accreditation for forensic testing assuring accurate, legally defensible results. We follow strict chain-of-custody rules so that our results can be used in court. Now or in the future.


Offices serving Fort Worth and Lubbock. For a small additional charge, we will even send a nurse to your home or office to handle the sample collection quickly and discretely.
We now also offer a nationwide network of 250+ partner facilities for testing outside of the area.


Less than 5 day routine turnaround on our standard test vs. industry standard of several weeks. STAT testing available in as little as one day.


All testing either has 100% exclusion or an inclusion rate of typically 99.99% or higher vs. the industry standard of 99.0%.

What Do You Need Your DNA Test Result For?
Peoplescreen: DNA Testing

Inexpensive home DNA testing kits are not useful in court.  If you need results for child support or custody issues, divorce, inheritance, or other issues that need to be resolved in a court, be sure you are getting a legally admissible result.

Our sample collections are done by trained staff, so we can prove chain-of-custody of the sample. In other words, we can prove who the samples came from and therefore the results can be used for child support, immigration, divorce, inheritance, or establishing paternity in the eyes of the court or other government office.

When you use an inexpensive home kit (self collected) the results may be accurate, but be sure to choose the correct test the first time so you don’t need to order a duplicate test in the future.

Appointments Available 7 Days A Week In Most Areas!

Texas DNA may also be able to send a nurse directly to your home or to your attorney's office for collection if you prefer.