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Services and Pricing

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Following is a partial list of services and pricing.


Paternity Testing Rates

Payment plans available

PeopleScreen Legally Admissible Paternity Testing

Standard Case

Testing of child, mother and tested male, or child and tested male only.

 Results typically returned within 4-5 days of specimen submission. All results notarized and legally admissible.

-Be careful! There are labs out there steering you to 'accredited' results that are NOT legally admissible.  KNOW WHAT YOU NEED!

NO hidden collection fees.




Certified & Accredited lab.


Legally Admissible!

Additional Individual(s)

Each individual tested in addition to standard case.


Mobile Collection (separate from the lab fee) There is never a charge for collections within our offices.  A nurse will come to your home or work if you are located in certain North Texas cities for a small fee.

Self-Collection Paternity Testing
Standard "home test" Case

More information

Customer self-collects specimen using home collection kit. Laboratory testing is performed in the same manner in as in-lab testing once submitted. Results are accurate but not legally admissible.

The results come from a Certified & AABB accredited lab.  No short cuts.


Additional Paternity Testing Options
Rush & Super Rush Paternity testing results returned within as little as ONE DAY of specimen submission.
Call for quote
Prenatal (pregnant mother) paternity test Paternity testing with one mother, one unborn child & one alleged father.  (Amniotic fluid sample required from expectant mother's physician.)
Grand Paternity Testing
(Skipped Generation)
Testing of child and alleged father's parents in lieu of father.
International Cases Testing for paternity requested from locales outside the United States.
Call for quote.
Criminal Cases Testing for paternity for use in criminal proceedings.
Call for quote.
Non-standard Samples Testing using bone extraction, autopsy tissue, abortus, prenatal samples, blood stains, etc. +$400

Call for quote.

Kinship Analysis-

 *Call one of our DNA Consultants for a confidential assessment of what type of DNA study would best fit your situation.  We will help you find the least expensive route.

Twin Zygosity Testing for fraternal vs. identical twin relationship.
Extended Family Testing for verification of extended family relationships. Call for quote.
Mitochondrial DNA Study Two or more samples in possible maternal blood line Call for quote.
Y Chromosome DNA Study 2 males in possible paternal blood line (Black or Caucasian only) Call for quote.
Siblingship Study 2 siblings with or w/o mother.  (With mother is preferred) $800


Lab Based Semen Detection & Typing Services
Semen Detection Laboratory screen for semen on any item, If positive, then testing for sperm.  If positive, then testing to determine the viability of sperm for genetic typing.  $250 per item/garment

(Sample handling is important, call for confidential consultation)

Infidelity Testing Any item previously positive for semen or blood will be typed and then compared to the DNA profile of a known donor. $800.  Call for consultation.

Cystic Fibrosis Carrier
Standard Test Testing to establish individual as a Cystic Fibrosis carrier. Price is per person tested. $220.00

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817-577-5276 (Corporate Offices)


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